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Manufacturing is a robust industry that requires high levels of accuracy, continuous improvements in the production quality, and the best possible maintenance processes. Artificial intelligence has been steadily supported these processes, giving manufacturers the opportunity to increase productivity as well as profits. The benefits of applying artificial intelligence solutions to the manufacturing industry are numerous, …


Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Human Intel Analysts

In the 1983 movie WarGames, the world is brought to the edge of nuclear destruction when a military computer using artificial intelligence interprets false data as an imminent Soviet missile strike. Its human overseers in the Defense Department, unsure whether the data is real, can’t convince the AI that it may be wrong. A recent finding from the Defense …


Artificial intelligence can improve decision making

Artificial intelligence capabilities will be most effective when applied in full collaboration between IT leaders and medical, epidemic and healthcare specialists Executives responsible for artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, particularly CIOs and CDOs in governmental and healthcare organisations, should leverage AI in five core areas to improve decision making during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Gartner, …